About Free Walking Tours. Concept

The best way to start exploring the city is to walk along with it with a local guide during the Free Walking Tour. Are they free, and what are the main features? Let's find out.
What are Free Walking Tours?
Free tours have become a popular way to see cities in recent years. The excursions are held for foreign tourists, and this kind of excursions is trendy in many cities of the world. There are some kinds of free routes, and they are more of a hobby for the guides than work.

Free Walking Tours is an alternative to standard excursions with high price tags and boring lectures. Tourists get new acquaintances, a ton of useful information and some advice from locals, learn exciting facts about the city that are not on Wikipedia. Also, they visit places that they would never have found themselves.

Free Walking Tours is always a bit informal. It is like meeting friends who tell not memorized phrases from a history textbook or fictional legends, but their thoughts about their hometowns.

But they are not free at all because the tour offered by the local guides is even better than the one you can receive on a paid trip. The guides are usually passionate about what they do. Of course, they want to get the reward for their work as well as everyone wants.
How do our Free Walking Tours work?
A team of professional guides develops each route; essential information is collected; a unique tour is created.

There is no fixed price for any tour, but the guides try to work well to get tips because they don't get money from the agency or government. It means that the trip must be fascinating for the idea to work.

Often such excursions are much more exciting and more productive than standard tours since the main task of the organizers is not to make money, but to fall in love with their hometown. Therefore, the routes are the most diverse and unusual.

What is one of the most important features is that there are no fees for booking and cancellation fees. This way allows travelers to make their trip more flexible and comfortable.
Who are our guides?
At first, Free Walking Tours were an initiative of volunteers and residents who are not indifferent to their city. But our guides are not the amateurs who don't know the history and may not get where to start the tour or bring the guests to any dangerous place.

  • You can be sure that you are in the hands of the professional certified guide with many years of experience, excellent knowledge of the language, and immeasurable love to the city and the work.

  • The guides do their best because they work for the tips but not the standard salary as in many tourist agencies.
  • All of them are locals with a great love for the city.

  • The guides are young guys full of energy and strength, humor, and a desire to communicate.
Meet Our Guides
Friendly, fun, experienced and most important - full of information!
I was born and raised in a small, modest, quiet province, and after a university moved to breathtaking Saint Petersburg.
It was love at first sight - beautiful and mysterious. What stories stand behind the facades of marvelous palaces?
This question led me to finish a guide school five years ago. Since that time I've collected not dresses as Empress Elizabeth did, but stories and it'll be a pleasure for me to share them with you. Let's make a bet you can't fall in love with Saint Petersburg?)
My name is Lena. I was born and have lived all my life in Moscow. I finished acting university and pedagogical university where I have learned languages. Right now, I work in theater, and I am a tour guide for three years already. I like traveling. I have been almost in each country in Europe. History was always my hobby; that's why I am so glad that I can share knowledge, stories, and of course, my passion for my favorite city! You have wonderful opportunity to fall in love with the best city!
I'm Diana drama teacher, wanderlust traveler, and local guide from Saint-Petersburg. I was born in here and process of exploration my mother town always was an important part of my personality. Saint-Petersburg's buildings, rooftops, and courtyards were my playground in childhood and teenage. So now I'm really happy that I can share knowledge, life hacks and whole perspective on one of my favorite city with you!
My name is Tanya, and I am born and bred in Moscow. I have worked as a tour guide for over four years. It is a joy to me to share my knowledge of Russian history and culture as well as some city secrets with my tourists.

As a keen traveler myself, I totally understand how important it is to have an unforgettable trip. It is always a challenge that I like to take. I have a lot of passion for what I am doing and always work hard to become a better guide.

I'll do my best to show not only the historical aspects but also the local life and current Russian reality. I prefer to keep the tours fun and interactive yet knowledgeable.
My name is Anna. I was born and have lived all my life in St. Petersburg. I've studied history at university, and after that, I've spent some time traveling, changed jobs and for the last 3 and half years have been working as a tour guide in few companies in St. Petersburg, also continuing my educational studies in history.
I conduct boat tours as well as tours within the city. I would also be glad to see you on my free walking tour that I love to do on a regular basis to stay in shape!
If you want to delve into the deep history of St Petersburg, gaze upon its fantastic architecture and discover all the local landmarks, then please join me on one of the tours!
When I was 4y.o, somehow instead of watching Pokémon, I used to be more attracted to discovery and history channels. This childhood passion has dwelled in me throughout my entire life!
I've been an exchange student a few times.

Thus, just like many of us, I'm a huge fan of traveling. And this infatuation of mine led me to choose linguistics as my major. However, my spare time was always dedicated either to history or art. Also, one of my hobbies is to stroll around my favorite city and learn something new about it every time.

I believe I'm the luckiest person since I could find a job based on my skills and passions! I am always truly excited to share my knowledge and love to mysterious and charming Moscow with anyone interested!
How to get to the Free Walking Tour?
  • You may choose the most exciting tour in our app, ask questions, and book "your spot". We recommend the guests to book in advance because it will be more comfortable to walk in a small company.

  • The number of participants is always limited. Therefore, if you are traveling with someone or a large company, find out in advance how many available places are. We can organize two tours with two different guides or more if it's necessary.

  • Every day in any weather we wait for tourists in the central places of the city. All excursions start at a particular time without delay.

  • After the tour, tourists usually give the guide a tip. But at the same time, a tip is voluntary, and you have the opportunity to leave money to the guide as a "thank you."

  • We will be very appreciated for the reviews which help us to work better and better.
Each Free Walking Tour is unique. Tour organizers make them wholeheartedly and lovingly, so each tour is exciting and unusual in its way.
Enjoy a city like a local.
Discover the main sites and hidden stories of our cities, with unforgettable local guides!
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Moscow Free Tour
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