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Lenin's Mausoleum is the most scandalous museum in Russia

Many Muscovites believe that it is necessary to close the mausoleum and bring Lenin's body to the ground. But the other part believes that this monument is already considered an integral part of the Red Square landmark complex in Moscow.

Is there a tomb located in the center of Red Square? The Lenin Mausoleum is a monument and a museum as well.

The memorial was opened in 1924. The height of the building is 12 meters and the length is 78 meters. There is a glass sarcophagus with Lenin's embalmed body inside. It is located near the Kremlin wall.

How does it appear?
Later research suggests that the idea itself originally belonged to Stalin. He believed that people must believe in something. The personality of Lenin together with the national idea created a cult that will become the basis for the new system. Lenin was chosen as the "god", and Stalin himself was chosen as the main priest. The Lenin Mausoleum resembles the most ancient architectural structures of the world - the pyramids.

5 interesting facts about Lenin's Mausoleum
It was rebuilt for 3 times
The first wooden Mausoleum was erected on the day of the funeral of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov on January 27, 1924, just for 7 days! It had the shape of a cube crowned with a three-stage pyramid and stood only until the spring of 1924.

The second temporary wooden Mausoleum was installed in spring, 1924. There were attached to the step volume from two sides. The building had been stood in such a way until the end of World War II.

The forms of the second Mausoleum were used in the design of the third version which exists now. The latest building was made with brick walls and granite cladding with marble. The frame of the mausoleum is reinforced concrete.

The doors of its inner hall, like the entrance and exit doors, are shrouded in patinated copper. It is also noteworthy that the mausoleum, with all the severity of the architectural structure, is not completely symmetrical. This feature makes it like a picturesque monument. There is also a small underground floor.

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Lenin traveled after the death

During World War II, the body of Lenin was taken to Tyumen for 3 years and 9 months. All routes from Moscow to Tyumen were on guard. Together with Lenin, a group of scientists responsible for embalming went to evacuation. For four months the mausoleum was disguised as a mansion to protect it from bombing.

When the war passed, they again returned it to Moscow. What is interesting that in the period from 1953 to 1961 Lenin had a "neighbor". Stalin's body was preserved next to him until he was buried.

Secret embalming

The scientists had a task to embalm the leader so that his body and facial features haven't been changed over time. The method of Egyptian embalming was not suitable since it provided that the body loses 70% of its mass, and facial features change over time. A new substance was invented by Soviet scientists. However, every 18 months the body must be immersed again into the solution. Nevertheless, almost 100 years the body retains its original appearance.

Changing the guides as in London
Until October 1993, the Mausoleum had a Guard of Honor number 1 (the first post), which changes every hour at the signal of the Kremlin chimes. This ritual continued until 1993, after which the "first post" was abolished. Now the Guard of Honor is serving at the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Moscow is the only city in Russia in which the starting point for road distances is not the building of the main post office of the city, but the Lenin Mausoleum.

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Important information
The Lenin Mausoleum is opened daily from 10 am to 1 pm. Mondays, Fridays and public holidays are days off. The entrance is free.

To get inside you should go through the security checkpoint in Nikolskaya Tower. Tourists may spend in the Mausoleum not more than five minutes. The guards watch every visitor from every corner of the room.

It is forbidden:

  • to use the equipment for recording and shooting, as well as mobile phones;
  • to carry inside bags, any bottles, metal objects;
  • to keep hands in the pockets of clothing;
  • to be inside the mausoleum in any hats and headdresses (only for men).

Experts say that today Lenin's body is in excellent condition thanks to the latest achievements of science. The only thing that quickly gets old is the leader's costume, which has to be changed from time to time.