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The fascinating Moscow Metro

Useful information, amazing facts and even more.
What comes to your mind, when you think about sights in Moscow? Red Square, Cathedrals, churches, beautiful monuments, breathtaking views, and parks, or maybe you even think about dancing bears on the streets? Of course, the magnificent capital has a huge number of places of interest, but what if we tell you that metro is one of its must visit places? Excited? So, keep reading, and you will find out!

A bit of History
Moscow Metropolitan is one of the biggest in the world. The first 13 stations were opened on May 15, 1935 and this need appeared because of the overcrowded streets and constant traffic jams.

Even during the war, the construction of the subway did not cease, and seven new stations were built. Moreover, at that time, the subway served as bomb-proof shelters. Half a million people found shelter underground.

When German airstrikes were especially frequent, there were shops and hairdressing salons in operation at the stations. The Kurskaya metro station had a working library. On the anniversary of the October Revolution on October 6, 1941, a meeting of the Moscow Soviet was held at the Mayakovskaya station; Joseph Stalin made a speech and announced the inevitable defeat of the fascist bloc.

Did you know?
Many of the Moscow Subway Stations changed names several times. The record-holder is the station currently known as Alexandrovsky Sad, which is located not far from the Kremlin. This station was called "Comintern," "Imeni Kominterna," "ulitsa Kominterna," and from 1946-1990 was known as "Kalininskaya." In 1990 for several days the station was named "Vozdvizhenka."

Another surprising fact is about one of the station. Kievskaya Station can impress you with its architecture. The entrance to the station was made in a French style and reminds Metro of Paris. Moreover, there are some mosaic that can arouse your imagination.
One more exciting station is Perovo. There are curious and mystical pictures - sings of an apocalypse that will keep your attention.

And what about the records of stations in Moscow? The longest station is Vorobyovy Gory. Its platform length is 284 meters. It takes 4 minutes to go through the platform from its beginning to the end. The longest line is dark blue, Arbat-Pokrovskaya. Its length is 45.1 km. The shortest line is Kakhovskaya – only 3.3 km long with only 3 stops. The busiest line is a purple line. As for the oldest line is red, its central section was opened in 1935. The newest line is Butovskaya, it opened in 2003.
Novoslobodskaya metro station

What is more
When you think of the busiest subway in the world, what countries come to your mind? NY, Paris, Tokio? One of the busiest is for sure Moscow! The capital has an impressive 2.4 billion folks going where they needed to go in 2014. For the past 80 years, the Moscow subway provided more than 145 billion rides underneath the capital's streets.

Moreover, before the 90s all trash bins were dismissed to prevent the acts of terrorism underground. So now you can`t find any in the metro. All this was done for people to feel safe in Moscow Metropolitan.

The Metro is the easiest and the most reliable way get around Moscow.
And if you are planning to use underground, this information will for sure useful!

Working hours:
Open at 5:30 AM
Closed at 1:00AM

Pay attention: the Metro starts work at 06.00 a.m., but stations open at 05:30-05:40 a.m. At 01.00 a.m. the entrances close and passengers must complete their transfers. The last train leaves also at 01.03 a.m.

Types of tickets: there are tickets for 1 trip, 2, 20, 40, and 60 (you can share a ticket). There are also other types of tickets although they are meant more for residents and less for tourists.

Ticket prices (2018):
  • 1 trip: 55 rubles
  • 2 trips: 110 rubles
  • 20 trips: 747 rubles
  • 40 trips: 1494 rubles
  • 60 trips: 1765 rubles
Children up to 7 years old do not have to pay for a ticket.

One more very useful thing is a mobile App Yandex Metro. It is a free app that is essential while going by underground. Apple Store link / Google Play link

You can buy tickets using automatic dispensing machines or in Ticket Booth. No matter how long you ride or how many transfers you make, you pay no extra fee. If you expect to use the metro for several weeks in a row, you can save some time and money by buying a monthly pass.

To help you find your way, there are several multicolored Metro Map in every car and a loud speaker that announces the name of the station at every stop. The doors open and close automatically.

There is a first-aid station and police post at every station. For information you can turn to any metro employee - they wear blue uniforms and red hats.
To make your journey comfortable, there is mobile communication (GSM) at stations of the Moscow underground. Free Wi-Fi ("MT_Free") available in trains.

The announcements on the train are in Russian and Englich

Important to know: the announcement of the next station will be read out by a man's voice on the trains traveling to the center of the city and by a woman's voice on the trains traveling away from the city center. On the circular line (the maroon colored line 5) a man's voice indicates the stops if it is traveling in a clockwise direction and in a woman's voice if it's traveling counter clockwise.
Moscow Metro is believed to be one of the most beautiful in the world. However, it is famous not only for it`s beauty but also for an enormous amount of myths.
At the station "Ploshchad Revolutsii" there is a popular belief: if you rub the nose of a bronze dog near the sculpture "The Border Guard with a Dog", luck will not take long to wait. As a result, the dog's nose shines like a well-polished coin. And also a revolver is periodically stolen from a statue of a Red Army man: on average, a weapon disappears 3-4 times a year.

They say, there are some ghost-stations in Moscow Metropolitan. You can find a few abandon stations the construction of which was stopped, and they are no longer in use. It is believed that there is some mystical eve.

What is more, there is a legend about the appearance of the circle line, which had not been planned in the original project. The legend says that Stalin put his cup of coffee on the metro map leaving a brown spot around the city center when he was having a meeting concerning the construction of the underground. Stalin showed the circle to the builders and ordered the construction of such a line. Accordingly, the color of the line remained brown.