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Moscow State University
Main Soviet and Russian temple of science

Moscow State University
Main Soviet and Russian temple of science
Have you ever thought what is the main distinctive feature of Soviet architecture? Gigantic, powerful, huge buildings. They demonstrated the power of the USSR, and the greatness of the country as well. Stalinist skyscrapers became the face of Moscow. It is no longer possible to imagine the appearance of the city without them. MSU is one of them.

Moscow State University is the center of Russian culture and science and reflects the Soviet period. It has been one of the tallest buildings for a long time not only in Moscow but also in Europe. It was built on the highest place in the city and visible from everywhere.

History of MSU
Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov is one of the largest and most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Also, it is a landmark - almost all of Moscow's guests rush to admire the tall building on the Sparrow Hills.

The history of Moscow State University began in 1947. By the order of Stalin, it was decided to construct high-rise buildings. Design and construction work was entrusted to the architect Boris Iofan. The supporting system of the whole structure was developed by Nikolai Nikitin. He proposed new solutions that allowed them to build a high-rise building in difficult geological conditions.

The opening of the updated University took place in the fall of 1953. On the same day, September 1, classes began. However, it is worth noting that this high-rise building is the main, but in total, it has more than 600 structures.

At the time of the opening, the Main Building of Moscow State University was record high by European standards. Its height exceeds 183 meters, and together with the spire - 240 meters. In total, about 10 thousand people worked at the construction site, 2.5 thousand administrative and technical workers, and more than 1000 engineers.

Moscow State University is self-sufficient. There is a library, canteens, a post office, a hairdresser, a sports center with a swimming pool, shops, and a studio. The services and infrastructure are such that all 5 years of study a student can not go out.

Interesting facts about MSU
Building of MSU

  • The central sector of the building contains 36 floors, the side towers reach 24 floors. From the 23rd to the 28th floors there is the Museum of Natural History. Each floor is dedicated to a separate area: from the tundra to fertile black soil. You can only get into the museum only with a guided tour.

  • The world's largest barometer and thermometer are installed on the building. Each tower also has dials: Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western clocks. The diameter of the dials is 8 meters 74 cm.

  • It seems that the star and spire are plated with gold. But they were lined with more durable plates of yellow glass, which sparkles in the sun.

  • Inside and outside the building is decorated with many sculptural compositions. Famous artists worked on their creation: Georgy Ivanovich Motovilov (the creator of the design of many stations of the Moscow metro) Sergei Mikhailovich Orlov (the author of the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky) and others.

Near MSU
Around the Main Building of Moscow State University, there are also a lot of interesting things.

  • The buildings of the Physics and Chemistry faculties were built at the same time. They are located on opposite sides of the square and are twin buildings. Between them, a monument to Lomonosov stands.

  • In front of the Main Building of Moscow State University, there is a complex of fountains.

  • A significant attraction is the avenue of scientists.

  • You can not pass by the rich Botanical Garden. It was created in 1953 for scientific purposes, and now the collection consists of 2.5 thousand plants from around the world.

  • At the same time, it is worth visiting the observation deck of the Sparrow Hills, from which the whole city and its attractions are visible.

Secrets of the University
  • They say that the bunker under the main building of Moscow State University is comparable in size and number of floors to the building itself, and a whole underground city is located there.

  • One of the secret underground lines - from the Kremlin to Vnukovo Airport - passed (or maybe passes) under the checkpoint of zone "B".

  • The main building is designed so that in the event of an explosion it does not fold inward, but falls towards the Sparrow Hills. The first floors of the central tower are estimated to withstand a nuclear strike without any damage while maintaining access to the bunkers underground.

How to get to Moscow State University
The nearest metro stations are Lomonosovsky Prospekt and University. From each station to the Main Building of Moscow State University about 1.5 km and 20 minutes on foot or take a taxi.

Address: Moscow, Lenin Hills, 1.