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Impressive projects from the nearest past
The Soviet Era has a distinctive architectural style that stands out on the face of the city. Today we would like to share a few specialties from the 1970s that you can find in Moscow. The addresses are stated below for your convenience, so pick a few and plan your unique USSR adventure around Moscow.

Round House (1979)
From the outside it looks very typical, but when you enter the yard, the picture changes completely. As you might have guessed by the name, this house is a circle. So the inner yard space is surrounded by 180 degrees apartment building. According to the 1980s Olympic games construction plan there was supposed to be 5 new circle houses symbolizing the Olympic rings, of course. But the building process ended up regarded not as practical and there were finished only two of them. However, Muscovites still love these unusual residential buildings and sweetly call it a "Doughnut Houses".

Addresses: Moscow, Dovzhenko ul, 6 and Nezhinskaya Ulitsa, 13
Aviators' house (1973)
This building is a perfect example of New Brutalism architecture that was flourishing through 50-70s. The most impressive thing about it is probably the fact that the building has no first floor what so ever. Instead, forty massive concrete pillars hold the "body" of the house. This explains why the Aviators' house has so many creative unofficial names such as "centipede"-, "octopus-" house, House with chicken legs... etc. It sure is one of kind.

Address: Moscow, Begovaya ul., 34
Horizontal (Laying) skyscraper (1972)
While the finest architects compete in constructing tallest buildings, Moscow already has one. It is laying down though, but still remarkable, don't you think? It is the longest building in the capital - 736 meters (2414,7 ft). This gigantic construction is home to the scientific research center of electronic computer engineering.

Address: Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, d. 125
Ship-House (1986)
This building has many unofficial names like "Titanic", "House of Atomicists "," Big house", "Long House", and even "Bachelors' house". It is rather long - 400 meters (1312 ft.) and has a light shaded facade. And since most of the buildings around are significantly lower, the construction truly resembles a ship. It is noteworthy, that the architect who constructed the house, previously worked only on nuclear reactors, which is why the building has a lot in common with them.

Address: Bolshaya Tulskaya ul., d. 2