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Saint Basil's Cathedral

Russian Jerusalem or the architectural pearl of Moscow
Among all the stereotypical images of Russia this one is probably the most familiar to you. This iconic symbol is the legendary Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (Sobor Vasiliya Blazhennogo), commonly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral and officially — as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat.

The construction was finished


The Cathedral became a part
of UNESCO World Heritage
The church is situated on the Red Square right next to Kremlin what makes it a very symbolic highlight to the sight and a worldwide recognized landmark.

After conquering the territories of powerful Kazan and Astrakhan khanates Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of this church to commemorate the victory. The building process took only six years and by 1561 the original Trinity Church (and later Trinity Cathedral) was completed. It consisted of eight smaller churches that surrounded the ninth, central church of Intercession. But that was not the end of the construction process. In 1588 the tenth church was added to hold the holy remains of the local saint Vasiliy (Basil). This event once and for all changed the name of the cathedral to the one we use today.
During the next few centuries the church was perceived as the symbol of the Heavenly City on Earth, and just like for other churches during Byzantine Christianity, was commonly known as the "Jerusalem" (which refers to the Jerusalem Temple). So that is why during the annual Palm Sunday parade the Cathedral was attended by the Patriarch of Moscow and even the Tsar.
What is so special about the Saint Basil's Cathedral?
Firstly, the cathedral used to be the city's tallest building until Ivan the Great Bell Tower was built in 1600. It is also an absolutely unique architectural creation due to its remarkable "bonfire" silhouette. And finally, today it serves not just as a historical monument, but over all as a symbol of Russian nation.
Want to visit the Cathedral?
If you are interested in visiting the museum that is located in the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed for your convenience here are a few details:

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