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Top 6 viewing points of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Look at the wide prospects and large green parks from the best viewing points!
St. Petersburg was built to be beautiful from the ground. Every building has a unique frontage and it's a pleasure to walk the streets. There is no skyscraper in the city center. However, the easiest way to look through the city is to look from above. Don't forget about the scarf and let's go!
The colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral
You can buy one ticket to the Cathedral and to the colonnade, but there are separate tickets if you want to visit just one of them.
Go to the spiral stairs of 300 steps and you will see a panoramic view of the city center. Hundreds of roofs, squares, and rivers will be opened to you. The audio guide tells the history of the most significant places which lay just under your feet.

The colonnade shows the most famous places: going here is the best way to meet the city and to get acquainted to its history.
The belfry of the Smolny Cathedral
Another fascinating cathedral has the observation deck. Officially, it is the highest viewing point in St. Petersburg, and its height is 50 meters. A hurricane demolished a 600-pound cross from the dome in 2001, so the belfries were closed to restoration. The observation deck was opened only in the mid-2000s. You can see the Nyenshants fortress, Neva river, Bolsheokhtinsky bridge and the central areas of the city from two belfries.

Belfries are connected by the old attic of the cathedral, where everything has remained unchanged: unique designs by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, arches and roofs, old brickwork.
The observation deck on the bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral
The observation deck is located on the second level of the bell tower. In fact, it was the first thing that was constructed in the fortress in 1703. Belltower provides convenient observation of the enemies from any side.

Panoramas of Vasilyevsky Island and the Petrograd District are shown from the western and northern sides today. You can see the Admiralty and Palace embankments from the southern side.
The roof of the Etagi loft-project
This modern place is popular among young people. Etagi contains lots of shops and cafes. Some exhibitions take place here. The roof of the loft-project is an open space with picturesque views. People go here to take photos so there are amusing stands for it.

You won't see historical attractions from the roof, but feel the atmosphere of old Northern Capital.
Lakhta Center
It would be strange if the highest tower in Europe didn't have the observation deck. It is located on the 360th floor of the Lakhta Center tower. An observation platform is equipped with telescopes so that you can study the historical part of the Northern capital and the Gulf of Finland. A webcam is installed on the 360 floor, which broadcasts a real-time panorama of the surroundings. Elagin Island, the St. Petersburg 300th anniversary park and the Zenit Arena stadium are clearly visible.
Ferris Wheel in Divo Island amusement park
This attraction is a great opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the city at a slow pace. It is interesting that earlier was the same attraction, but smaller just here. Its height was only 27 meters, but in 2013 the wheel was replaced. And now it is 55 meters. Breathtaking views of the green Yelagin island are opened from the highest point of the wheel.