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Speak like a Russian!

Exploring the country it's necessary to know some basic Russian Vocabulary for Travelers and some local phrases.
Service staff in the hotels, waiters and many people under 35 speak English. But you can get in some situations or places where the Russians can't understand English. That's why it's so important to know some useful expressions and a few words in Russian.

We have collected a small Vocabulary Guide for travelers to make your journey to Russia pleasant. Of course, you can't learn all these words, but try to memorize the most important 10-15 expressions at first. They will help you start the conversation.

Useful tips for pronunciation:

It can be difficult to pronounce Russian words because it's so different from English or another European language. Just be sure that you know some basic phrases which help you be confident. The Russians can understand your accent. It's their native language.

  • The stress is important. It is marked with capital and bold letters in our vocabulary guide.

  • All letters are read. 1 letter - 1 sound in Russian.

  • We have used the sign ' to show the travelers the soft sound (the last soft consonant) like in the Russian word Den' - the letter n should soften at the end.

  • Letter G is always hard like in the English words a gap, a garden.

Useful phrases for greetings
It doesn't matter where you are going. You should be polite and always keep your manners in every situation. So, it's important to learn the ways of greetings in Russian or any other local language.

Some essential phrases will help you look like a well-bred person.

Traveling around Russia the foreigners always get acquainted with local people. And it'll be necessary to know some useful phrases to begin the conversation.

Common phrases in Russian when you need help
Cultural differences must not be stressful. They must be interesting and exciting. That's why it's so important to prepare for visiting another country: learn some phrases, customs. Below you can find some expressions to ask for help, directions or place for going to the sights, shops or hotels.

Phrases for eating out
Staying in Russia and not to try Russian cuisine will be a big mistake. There are some restaurants and cafes where the menu in English is. Also, you can get to the self-service canteen and take the desirable dish by yourself. But remember these expressions.

Essential words and common phrases for shopping
Shopping is an important part of any traveling. Tourists usually buy souvenirs, food or clothes. Some shop-sellers in big supermarkets or small shops with souvenirs can speak English. They will help you with choosing and paying. But it's better to know some phrases which help you feel confident in any shop.
But you should remember that it's not enough to memorize a few words. It's necessary to do much more if you want to speak Russian fluently. But our vocabulary guide does help to learn basic Russian phrases and be confident during your travel.