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Modern Art Galleries in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital and the art center since the very beginning of its building. Every house in the city center can be a piece of art. But there were a lot of painters, architects, sculptors who made the whole city unique. Over the centuries, St. Petersburg educated the best artists of Russia. The tradition continues. Today the city is still associated with art.
Modern Art in St. Petersburg
Painting has always represented the epoch and the artist's personality. Time passes, fashion changes, but we all understand the art language throughout the centuries. Modern artists paint their own vision of reality. And the beautiful city such as St. Petersburg inspires them to paint it wonderful.

You don't need to go to the gallery to see amazing works. Go to the Nevsky Prospect, near The Catholic Church of St Catherine. There are lots of artists for any taste. You can buy pictures with the city sights or flowers or nature.

Go further to the Ostrovsky Square and you'll find spots of individual artists. Some of them will be pleased to paint your portrait or caricature. Every author has his own style and approach to art.

There are painters near the Bronze Horseman and along the Neva River. You will feel the atmosphere of creativity and talent.

A more bohemian atmosphere is presented in the galleries.

The biggest private museum of modern art in Russia is Erarta. The name is formed with the words "era" and "art". It is located on Vasilievsky Ostrov. The collection is not only pictures but also sculpture and installations. The museum exposition provides the opportunity to see the works of both recognized masters and new authors, who have original talent and distinctive style. A lot of them will eventually find international recognition, but in Erarta you can enjoy their work now. The museum pays special attention to young artists and finding new names.
The Artmuza
Another gallery is located on Vasilievsky Ostrov. The Artmuza is placed in the buildings of the former musical instrument factory. Now the former factory has turned into an art territory, where art galleries, design studios, fashion houses, advertising agencies, creative spaces, interior studios, workshops of artists and sculptors are housed. It regularly hosts exhibitions, performances, masterclasses, and educational lectures.
Gallery of contemporary art Mokhovaya-18
Gallery of modern art Mokhovaya-18 introduces to the citizens the works of Denis Ichitovkin, Sergey Inkatov, Andrei Romasyukov, Anastasia Vostretsova, Olga Ivleva. In addition, the gallery hosts auctions, presentations and master classes.

Gallery UltraMarine presents the work of St. Petersburg artists belonging to different artistic areas and trends. It is especially useful to come here during Vernissage days, when artists present their works, revealing ideas and answering listeners' questions.

The project "Attic of Artists" is an exhibition hall, which appeared in the attic of an old St. Petersburg house, the doors of which were open for every artist. Exhibitions are regularly held here by contemporary authors who represent their work in different trends. You can also buy some pictures there.
Galleries of Modern Art have their own history and style
Art Gallery "ARKA"

Art Gallery "ARKA" exhibits paintings by artists from the Leningrad School, as well as those who worked in the war and post-war period. Today "ARKA" remains one of the few galleries in the city where you can see paintings by Leningrad artists, among which are famous not only in Russia but also in Europe: Nikolai Timkov, Alexander Samokhvalov, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Victor Teterin, Samuel Nevelshtein, Gevork Kotyants, Arseniy Semenov, Lev Rusov and others.

The art center "Borey" was created in 1991 as a fundamentally new structure in the field of art and culture. It was planned to be the House of Culture, whose doors are open for artistic initiatives. Gallery responds to all genres and trends in art. More than one thousand two hundred exhibitions and art events have been held here, more than one and a half hundred books have been published, literary evenings have been organized, philosophical readings, book and magazine presentations, as well as film screenings of art-house cinema are regularly held.

The Krasivo Gallery is a cultural space for modern artists, photographers, and sculptors. Here you can see the works of young authors, painting in different styles and belonging to different ideological and artistic groups. It also hosts meetings with artists, workshops and educational events.