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Tours at the sky level
The Ostankino television tower

Tours at the sky level
The Ostankino television tower
What attracts people all over the world? The most interesting stories, the highest buildings, the breathtaking views. Perhaps that is why everyone who comes to Russia is so eager to visit the Ostankino Tower. Now it is one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Visiting the Ostankino Tower is an opportunity to be on the highest viewing platform in Russia. Everyone can see the ground 337 meters under your feet through a glass floor, watch the capital in full view and learn all the secrets of television in the USSR!

History of the Ostankino television tower
The Ostankino television tower was built in 1967. In the same month, 4 TV shows and 3 radio programs were launched here. Broadcasting was carried out in a radius of 120 kilometers.

The construction of the tower with a height of 540.1 meters took seven years. At the time of construction, it received the title of the tallest building in the world. Now, according to various criteria, it takes the 6th place in the lists of the highest towers and buildings.

The structure was invented by Nikolai Nikitin in one night. The simplicity and strength of the structure are achieved using reinforced concrete, squeezed by steel cables. An equally progressive idea is associated with the foundation of the tower - there is practically no foundation. The base is built with 10 legs. The prototype of the tower was an inverted lily.

In 2000, a strong fire occurred in the Ostankino Tower. As a result, three floors were completely burned out. By February 2008, everything was restored. Then there were restrictions on the number of excursion groups, as well as some requirements for visitors.

Forty-five floors of a tower correspond to the usual building consisting of one hundred eighty floors. The elevators in Ostankino move at a speed of seven meters per second. In moments of the strong swaying of the top of the building, the speed of the elevators automatically slows down.

Tours in the Ostankino television tower
Tours are held at the beginning of every hour from 10 am to 10 pm every day. The price of an adult admission ticket is about 15$-25$. Sessions are held every hour for groups of 40 people, lasting 60 minutes. The groups for the tour are formed at the beginning of every hour. 2 daily excursions along two routes.

1 route includes visiting the observation deck at the height of 337 meters (without a guide)

Introduction of the museum exposition dedicated to the half-century history of the tower.

  • Ride on the high-speed elevator to the observation deck.
  • An opportunity to outlook the panorama of Moscow and the glass floor section.
  • Free using of the telescope.
  • Visit the restaurant "The 7th Heaven".

2 route includes visiting the observation deck and technical floor

This route allows in addition to the main program to visit the technical floor with a guide at 85 meters on the open balcony and go to the open observation deck (if the weather is good). Previously, only meteorologists had access there. The second route was opened in honor of the 50th anniversary of the tower. The groups are limited (no more than 10 people).

Also, you may take a private tour with a guide (individual or for the group no more than 10 people) or take an audio-guide with.


es. Guests will be introduced to the work of the meteorological complex, which is considered the highest in the capital.

Visitors to the Ostankino television tower have the opportunity to not only see Moscow from a bird's eye view but also have a snack while enjoying the city panorama. There is a bistro with 64 seats, a cafe with 60 and a restaurant, at the tables of which 48 people can sit. The bistro is open from 10.30 am to 9.30 pm and the rest - from 12 am to 11 pm.

Important information:

  • It is forbidden to visit the Tower for children under 6 and disabled people.
  • It is not allowed to visit the tower without your ID. Strict checking of the documents and bags at the entrance (there can be long lines).

How to get to the Ostankino tower.
Tickets can first be reserved on the official website or near the tower at the box offices.

Address: st. Academic Korolev 15/2, entrance number 2.

Get to the VDNH metro station. After leaving the subway, cross the territory of the Cosmopark memorial complex and get onto Academic Korolev Street. It will be a big crossroads, and above the houses on the left, you can see the Ostankino television tower. Then you can either walk for 10 minutes directly on the street Academic Korolev or go by minibusses and trolleybuses to Novoostankinskaya street.