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The 6 Best Places to Enjoy Panoramic Views of Moscow

Moscow, Russia
Look at the wide prospects and large green parks from the best viewing points!
The 6 Best Places to Enjoy Panoramic Views of Moscow
Moscow, Russia
Look at the wide prospects and large green parks from the best viewing points!
The city on seven hills, Moscow has an incredible view from above. You cannot say you have been to the capital of Russia if you haven`t seen at least one of its observation decks and you haven`t admired Moscow from the bird`s-eye view. Starting from natural hills till modern buildings – here you can find Moscow's best places with panoramic views.

The observation deck of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (40 meters)
Come to the place and visit four panoramic platforms located between the bell towers of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. This observation deck is not the highest one (40 meters (125 feet) but thanks to the central position of the Cathedral the visitors have a chance to enjoy the views of the Moskva River, the industrial warehouses of the Red October island, Gorky Park, one of Stalin's skyscrapers at Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya (Kotelnicheskaya Embankment), and the old-fashioned lanes surrounding Ulitsa Ostozhenka (Ostozhenka Street) and Ulitsa Prechistenka (Prechistenka Street). Moreover, for your convenience, there are observation binoculars that provide excellent close-up views of the Kremlin.

How to get: go to Korotlinskaya metro station

Address: 15, Volkhonka st. (Google maps link)

Entrance: only available to members of a touristic group with a tour guide.

The observation deck near the new building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (60 meters)
The observation deck near the new building of the Russian Academy of Sciences is one more not really big viewing point near the Russian Academy of Sciences building. It is not so popular as others but opens a rare view of Moscow. You will see the RAS building, popularly known as the "brains", Saint Andrew's Monastery, a monument to Yuri Gagarin and the stately Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya (Frunzenskaya Embankment) on the other bank of the Moskva River.

Those who seek for more can find a pair of binoculars and go up on the rooftop of the Academy, which gives a panoramic view of the city at this observation deck and enjoy the spectacular view!

Address: Prospekt Leninsky, 32A, building 1

How to get: metro station Leninsky Prospekt (Google maps link)

Entrance: free admission

Sparrow Hills (Vorobyovy Gory) 80 meters
It was opened in 1953, and today it is one of the highest natural observation points in Moscow. This is an amazing historical location, the seventh of Moscow hills. When you are standing there, the city looks like a miniature model. That`s why this is Moscow's most famous observation deck is number one in all visitors` must-see list. Here you can spot almost every important landmark in the city. From this hill, you can also admire some of Stalin's Skyscrapers, popularly known also as the Seven Sisters and a lot of others. Would you like to take a closer look at each of them? No problems, you can use free binoculars.

It is a trendy place among locals, where everyone can chill, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the fantastic view and of course, make spectacular photos.

So, don`t forget to add this place to your bucket list!

How to get: You can reach this hill on trolley bus number 7, which stops at Kosygina street, or you can also take the Metro to Vorobyovy Gory station, from which you can walk to Sparrow Hills in about 20 minutes.

Metro station: Vorobyovy Gory

The address: Ulitsa Kosygina (Google maps link)

Entrance: free

Radisson-Royal Hotel (previously Hotel "Ukraine") 120 meters
One of the highest and most picturesque points of view in Moscow is an observation deck on the 33rd floor of the Radisson Royal Hotel (previously Ukraine) in the Italian restaurant, which is in the building of the legendary Stalinist skyscraper.

The hotel has an enormous number of facilities and you can not only enjoy the view but also you can have a relaxing SPA over some drinks.

If you seek for incredible photos, this place is for you, because the feature of this observation deck is a 360 ° panorama of the city.

Metro station: Kievskaya

Address: 2/1 Building 1, Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Google maps link)

Entrance: for kids 500 Rubles (including mineral water and juice), general ticket 1000 (including mineral water and juice, coffee, tea)

The Hotel «Swissotel Krasnye kholmy», (140 meters)
Another good place for observation is in the center of the city is a bar called City Space in the Krasnye Kholmy hotel. Its visitors can have a good time in the bar while enjoying a magnificent, 360 ° panorama of the city. By the way, this bar is famous for its special author`s cocktails. The bar is situated not far from the city center and provides an opportunity to see the Kremlin up close and carefully examine the Stalinist high-rise buildings and a lot of other landmarks.

This place is ideal for people who admire the relaxed atmosphere, tasty drinks and beautiful photos of the landscapes from the bird`s – eye view. As this observation deck has 360 ° panorama of the city, you can choose Moscow you like the most. Tourists often say that you must come here twice: early in the morning and at the sunset. What can better place for meeting Moscow City?

Metro station: Paveletskaya

Address: 52, bld. 6 Kosmodamianskaya embankment (Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya) (Google maps link)

Entrance: free

Ostankino Tower (340 meters)
The highest observation point in Moscow is on one of the top floors of the Ostankino Tower. Did you know that it is the tallest building in Europe and the 10th tallest in the world?

The construction of it began in 1960 and finished in 1967. Unfortunately, in August 2000, there was a fire at a height of 460 meters. The tower resisted, but three people died. The tower was opened again in February 2008 after the reconstruction work.
This 540-meter-tall tower has two observation areas in the Ostankino tower which are accessible for tourists: an open-air deck at the height of 340 meters (available only in the warm season from May till October) and an indoor area with glass windows at the height of 337 meters. The immense height gives visitors a chance to see all the beauties of Moscow and its suburbs from the bird`s-eye view. It is for sure the most breathtaking experience.

What is more, one part of the observation area has the floor which is made from transparent glass. It will challenge you to test your courage. Are you courageous enough to check it? Visitors can also try to have a ride on the tower's high-speed lifts and study a small display dedicated to the history of the building's construction.

This viewing point a must-have in your bucket list.

How to get: VDNKH metro station

Address: 15, Akademika Koroleva street (Google maps link)

Entrance: 1,000 rubles (600 rubles if you visit between 10 and 11 in the morning). Children pay half.
Walking around our beautiful capital is 100% fantastic experience. Nevertheless, if you look at Moscow from a bird`s-eye view, that will give you an unforgettable feeling. To get insight into this superb atmosphere, check all with your own eyes and to find out as much useful information as you can, and it will be more comfortable with our tour guides who are professionals in these questions.

So, don`t waste your time and start exploring Moscow City!