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The Venice of the North and its embankments

St. Petersburg has so many rivers, and they are so long and winding that it is easy to get lost. Today you will learn life hacks, which help to know the city better.
St. Petersburg has 38 embankments in granite cladding. Government protects them like monuments. Their total length is more than 150 km. The longest one is Oktyabrskaya Embankment. The shortest one is Admiralty Embankment on Neva river.

Neva river
Only Neva River has different embankments. Most rivers have one embankment for both sides and for the whole length. Neva river has different embankments not only for the continent and for the islands, but also for the one side. For example, Admiralty Embankment starts at the Palace Bridge and ends at the Decembrists Square, where it becomes the English Embankment.

All in all, Neva river has 22 embankments. You can go through them and not even mention that there are different embankments. However, the most significant monuments stand along this river. Alexander Nevsky Lavra and Smolny Cathedral, Peter's house and Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage and the Admiralty, Senate Square, Bronze Horseman, and St. Isaac's Cathedral.
Don't get lost!
St. Petersburg has a lot of rivers and canals. It would be unfair to ignore them and talk only about Neva.

Imagine the situation. You are walking in the city center and see a river. Then you are going further and there is another river. And then again. You may afraid of walking in a circle. If only you could know what river it is. There is a way to know exactly.

Rivers in St. Petersburg differ by the parapets. It is a fence of the river. For example, Moyka river has a square image on the parapet. Griboedov Canal has an oval design. The same is used for the Kryukov Canal. Fontanka River has ovals with the pattern. You can go down Nevsky prospect and pay attention to each of them. Obvodny Canal doesn't cross over Nevsky prospect, but it has straight metal rods on a parapet.

Bridges don't have the same pattern as parapets on the embankments. Some bridges are like a piece of art. They don't resemble any other bridge. For example, there was a tradition to color Moyka bridges, because even Petersburgers couldn't distinguish them. The river has red, green, yellow and blue bridges. The latter is the widest bridge in the city and in the world. It is 97.3 meters wide. It places whole St. Isaac's Square.

Some bridges have statues on them. Anichkov Bridge is the oldest bridge across the Fontanka River. There is The Horse Tamers on it. These beautiful bronze cast appeared to be so popular that copies of the sets at the eastern end of the bridge, installed in 1841, were sent as Imperial gifts to Frederick William IV of Prussia.

There is another bridge which is no less famous and beautiful than Anichkov bridge due to the sculptures. Bank Bridge is a pedestrian bridge with golden-winged griffons. They are made by Pavel Sokolov, who designed also the lion statues for the Lions Bridge, and the sphinxes for the Egyptian Bridge.

Panteleimonovsky bridge was the first chain bridge built not only in Russia but also in Europe. The Panteleimon bridge connects the Summer Garden island with the Nameless Island. Here is the cross between Moyka river and Fontanka. Not only streets have crossed.